Audit Trail

Audit Trail

Our Audit Sub-system

educare's Audit Module supports all kinds of audits, including internal, external, school operations reviews, ad hoc, risk-based, or checklist-based audits. It identifies issues, which are readily and securely available to all interested and affected parties. Our audit sub-system reduces the scope for misunderstanding among stakeholders involved.

Audit Trail Features

educare provides you with comprehensible data representation so that you can quickly identify trends. The audit trail module is highly customizable, easy to use and it improves the efficiency of the audit management system. The audit planning process is simplified hence saving time while improving efficiency.

Remotely Smart

Don’t stress when your audit takes you to remote locations. Educare Audit sub-system gives you the flexibility to perform and review audits where a network connection may be limited or unavailable. You can easily download audit records and log audit results, evidence, and findings offline during the audit, and resync with your enterprise system to complete your audit workflow tasks.

With a single click, create a final audit summary or explore trends in your audit findings within our prebuilt dashboards, or build your own dashboards to analyse your educare school audit data. Whether you leverage educare's quality audit sub-system's built-in reporting capabilities or the powerful analysis tools within educare's quality intelligence, you can easily distribute reports to share audit results and trends throughout your school to the involved stakeholders.

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