Communication Book

Communication Book

Realtime Parent-Teacher Communication

One of the most important elements of a child's educational journey is clear and regular communication between parents and teachers. Good communication needs to exist between both parties to guarantee that a child's cognitive, social and emotional development is progressing naturally and without issues. It also encourages parents to take an active role in their children's studies, so it's a good idea to start on the right foot and make them feel welcome in bringing any concerns they may have to your attention.

Schools Can Now Give Better Feedbacks

educare provides a platform that gives parents real-time updates on what is happening to their children during the school day while giving them an avenue to keep in touch with the teachers. Home–school communication is one of the most important and necessary factors in developing good relationships between classroom teams and families. Due to busy work schedules, lack of time, and transportation challenges, the opportunities to meet in person are quite limited so educare ensures that parents are fully informed of all essential school activities.

Foster Better Parent-Teacher Relationship

Teachers and school teams benefit when parents can share real-time information such as medical issues that may affect the student’s behaviour at school. The process of communication is simplified and ensures that parents and teachers can always get in contact with one another when needed. The admin also can review all communication books if the need arises.