Fees Payment

Fees Payment Module

When it comes to keeping track of your schools' fee cycle, you need to be sure you are using a secure and efficient system. educare's fees payment module is an automated process that helps you manage your school's income, handling all the different payment methods from multiple stakeholders. educare automates and digitizes your existing process hence reducing time spent on the financial reconciliation and improving efficiency in your school.

educare's fees payment system allows you to generate invoices for different activities such as fines, school events and these invoices can be sent out via email. educare provides access to details for parents' financial history, including bills and transactions. Ongoing, past and present payments are also stored for reference and they serve as an essential aspect for finance management.
Our fees billing system also caters for a variety of charges helping you manage fees, credits and extras easily including scholarships, sibling discounts and extracurricular activities.