Library Management

Library Management

Resourceful Electronic Materials

educare's library management system offers a simple, yet powerful solution to automate school libraries and manage efficiently all the in-house library operations of schools of any type and size. It is developed, managed, and supported to ensure that the school’s vision and targets are achieved. Books, academic resources and materials could be sourced online and automatically be upload to your library hence eliminating the need for physical books and resources.  From the acquisition of materials, books and periodicals in the library to its cataloguing and maintenance, schools can manage these tasks effectively and maximize the usability of resources and services. Educare Library management is highly customizable, scalable, multilingual (Beta) and mobile-friendly.

Exquisite Reports

The Library management empowers schools with pre-defined reports. Schools can create customized reports on borrowing and lending of books, in a variety of formats. Dynamic reports empower your school library to track key performance indicators for reliable decision-making.

Digital libraries have achieved a wide measure of success in a short time by providing efficient and effective storage, preservation, and access to digital materials with a role-based authentication system. Moreover, the development of powerful features in a robust technological infrastructure such as multilingual indexing and bibliographic and full-text searching of the repository of library records enable schools to efficiently govern, collaborate and share resources among institutions.