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Educare Mobile App is the family's best choice of Academic application. It meets the most demanding need of parents and guardians to monitor the welfare, performance, and academic updates of their child/ward on the go. Engaging parents, guardians, teachers, and students in real-time. Over 10000+ users on the Google Play Store. The app features include News Feed and Push Notifications on Assignment/Attendance Alert, News Feed Update, Bulk SMS Notification, Assignment Alert, Calendar, Child's Timetable, Subject/Teacher Info, Enrolment, Enrolment History, Lesson Plan Download, Assignment Download, and Direct Messaging

Build Stronger Communication

Effective parent engagement in schools is key to success and the educare app is the ideal parental engagement tool for schools. It provides a convenient and accessible way for schools to communicate with parents on all aspects of school life. It's easy to use and accessible from a smartphone, tablet or PC. Whether it’s sharing information on homework, timetables, school reports or conduct, parents can stay on top of their child’s progress throughout their education. Schools can easily send automated alerts and notifications directly to parents' phones, and a clear dashboard gives parents an overview of their child’s school life.  With the educare app, teachers can now create homework anytime. As well as being able to include any relevant attachments, students can also view all homework that has been created and be alerted once the assignment is due for submission.