Student Reports

educare's report module allows you to easily analyse pupil data held in educare in minutes, saving valuable time. It offers an end-to-end and modular information management solution that can be used by any school. Fully integrated with sheet-like forms educare lets you effectively input data for each student alongside efficiently monitoring the performance of the student.  Reports are editable, teachers can update results and parents can view the reports in real-time once they have been submitted.

educare provides you with an accurate breakdown of each student's outcome results concerning their learning progress, achievement, engagement and wellbeing for the recent school year and the last four years (when available).

This module provides parents/carers with clear, individualized information about progress against the general achievement standard. Tracking performance data is key to your pupils' continual progress and on educare, you and parents can identify the students who are struggling or excelling and take appropriate action.

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