Student Performance

Student Performance

Measure students' performance

Student Self-efficacy is one of the best predictors of academic success.Self-efficacy is the belief of being able to do something. Looked at the Big Five traits on academic success as well and saw that conscientiousness and emotional stability were predictors of self-efficacy in over half of their analyses. However, self-efficacy was more indicative of academic performance than personality in all of the analyses. This suggests that parents who want their children to have academic achievement can look to increase their child's sense of self-efficacy at school.

Key Performance Criteria

Educare student assessment in high school level, covering aspects of school management and school climate and the significance of these factors for students’ basic skills; and an individual level, concerning the significance of student attitudes, motivation and learning behavior, and their consequences for students’ achievements.

From a student perspective, the participant-centered nature of the case method generates greater expectations and opportunities for feedback as compared to lecture-based pedagogies. As students participate in class discussions, they receive immediate feedback in the form of instructor and student responses to their contributions. This type of feedback, however, may be ambiguous and indirect, leaving students uncertain as to the impact of their participation and how they might enhance their effectiveness.

The Student assessment Module

Educare Student assessment Module has and provides the following features:

  • Termly assesment results
  • Reports available to students and parents
  • Graphical representaion of overrall student performance