educare Transcripting Module

educare amongst other things automates the process of generating students' transcripts, therefore, improving the efficiency of the workflow, furthermore, it eliminates the time-consuming manual entry tasks.

educare transcript module provides customizable templates with a professional look and feel. The branding of each template is specific to each school. once a child's transcript is published by the admin, parents would have unlimited access to their child's transcript regardless of the child's grade. educare provides a variety of options for displaying student grades on the transcript ranging from the use of categories, setting calculation method, assigning weights, and other educare preferences in ways that can help teachers focus on student performance.

educare Dynamic Transcripts

Create a highly customizable template in many formats according to your preferences and make the transcript process faster and easier. Create dynamic transcripts with a professional look and feel tailored to the unique needs of your institution. Custom transcripts allow you to import your logo, colours, and layout personalized for your school’s brand.